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Minimally Invasive Surgery for pets


'Keyhole' surgery is referred to as minimally invasive surgery (MIS) because it allows surgery to be performed within a body cavity without the need for typically long, conventional surgical incisions.  This is possible beacuse the surgery is performed with the use of specialised instrumentation and a rigid endoscope (telescope) with attached video camera, which allows the surgeon to view and perform the operation via a screen through tiny entry holes.


Why should we do this?  

The benefits are simply that the surgery can be more accurately performed via smaller wounds, and much less tissue trauma, thus allowing for a much less painful procedure with faster healing times.

It is also a much safer way to obtain intestinal and chest cavity biopsy samples than by traditional 'open' or even ultrasound - guided methods. Sophisticated technology and extra training is required to be able to perform 'keyhole' surgery however the results are proven and we feel it is therefore worth the extra expense to provide a much better level of care for pets. Afterall human medicine has been actively using this continually - developing technology for close to half a century now. 



Procedures we currently offer for dogs (and larger cats) are as follows;

Desexing females (Laparoscopic spey)

Desexing cryptorchid males (undescended testicles)

Vasectomy (dogs only)

Laparoscopically - assisted gastropexy (large breed, susceptible dogs - to prevent gastric torsion - twisted stomach)

Abdominal organ biopsy (including neoplastic mass biopsy)

Adrenalectomy (removal of adrenal gland - cancer)

Exploratory laproscopic surgery (to diagnose abdominal disorders)

Thoracoscopic investigation (to diagnose chest cavity disorders)

Pericardectomy (for fluid build up around a heart)

Arthroscopy - shoulder, elbow and knee only





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