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Snake Bite Guide

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Signs to look out for

  • Sudden weakness or collapse
  • Tremors of muscles and shaking
  • Vomiting and drooling
  • Dilated pupils
  • Blood in urine
  • Paralysis (dragging hind legs)

What to do

Remain calm and call the closest available veterinary clinic immediately

It is likely your pet’s condition may quickly deteriorate, so keep your pet as quiet and calm as possible and get to a veterinary clinic immediately.


Your veterinarian is the best person to determine the course of treatment for your pet in a snake bite emergency. Often blood tests are performed to assist with the diagnosis.


Hospitalisation of your pet will be required. Intravenous fluid therapy will be quickly established and maintained while your pet is in hospital. Antivenom may be required to neutralise the snake toxins and is more successful the sooner it is given. A variety of other medications are used to treat pain, prevent infection and support and prevent shock.


Recovery from a snake bite can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or more. It is important to maintain intravenous fluid therapy for extended periods to prevent long term kidney damage.

Prompt veterinary attention is the most reliable course of action to save your pet. Vitamin C and other anecdotal treatments are not recommended, as there is unfortunately no scientific data to support their use.

Snake Removal

Do not attempt to move or relocate a snake yourself. A trained snake handler is the best person to do this.

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