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Video Endoscopy



Benalla Veterinary Clinic is very excited to be able to offer a comprehensive small animal video endoscopy service utilising video and fiberoptic flexible endoscopes, as well as a selection of rigid endoscopes.  We perform minimally invasive 'keyhole surgery'  in the abdomen (laparoscopy), chest cavity (thoracoscopy) and joints (arthroscopy).

Below are some short videos to best demonstrate the use of this technology.

1. Gastroscopy - using a videoendoscope allows visual appraisal from the mouth to the small intestines and enables accurate disease investigation and diagnosis via biopsy and also enables the removal of foreign material (eg. fish hook in stomach) without any surgical intervention.  


2. Bronchoscopy - allows direct visualisation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, aiding diagnosis, and allowing accurate biopsy samples to be taken.  




3. Colonoscopy - as for gastroscopy but entering the gastrointestinal system from the rear.


4. Rhinoscopy - our 3mm rigid scope allows deep visualisation of the fine structures of the canine nose to aid diagnosis of often perplexing nasal problems.  


5. Otoscopy - our 5mm otoscope enables thorough ear exams, ear flushing and foreign material removal under video guidance.

6.Thoracoscopy - using our 5mm and 10mm rigid scopes, we can examine and biopsy structures within the chest of cats and dogs for the purpose of disease diagnosis and surgery.  See 'keyhole surgery'


7. Laparoscopy - using 5mm and 10mm rigid scopes we can safely and with minimal trauma examine, biopsy and perform certain surgical procedures on organs within the abdomen of dogs, cats and other small animals.  See 'keyhole surgery' 

8. Arthroscopy - Using 2.7mm and 4mm rigid scopes we are able to diagnose and repair conditions in canine shoulder, elbow and knee joints.















Below are some intra-operative photographs of a laparoscopic procedure in a dog. 




















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