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Injured & Orphaned Wildlife


Our clinic compassionately accepts injured and orphaned wildlife of all shapes and sizes.  Our vets regularly assess each animal and determine the likelihood of survival and then the chance of a successful return to the wild.  Those animals with no hope for successful rehabillitation are humanely euthanised.  

For the many lucky animals, treatment which can even involve surgery, is performed free of charge by the clinic. The animals are then temporarily rehoused with our local registered wildlife carer, the gifted and wonderfully caring Mrs Shirley Steegstra, until eventual release back to the wild.

Shirley Steegstra can be contacted directly about injured and orphaned wildlife on;

Phone (03) 5762 3208 or Mobile 0438 969117

All costs for vet procedures and services are donated by our clinic. 

An alternate contact is WILDLIFE VICTORIA  (03) 84007300

Donations to our WILDLIFE FUND can be deposited at the clinic - the money collected going directly to Shirley.

 We ask that you kindly consider giving a donation  -  the feeding and treating of our unique wildlife is unfortunately very expensive.


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